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Van Luyken: who we are

Van Luyken is a firm of communication consultants based close to the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam and the international airport Schiphol. We provide crisis communication, issue management, media management, marketing PR and corporate communication. Over the past decades, we have demonstrated the value of these services for numerous clients. Today our range of services also includes other disciplines, such as the development of communication campaigns. Van Luyken was founded in 1978 by the Dutch PR guru Wim van Luyken.

We approach every communication project with an open mind. This approach enables us to think beyond the obvious horizon and to come up with concepts and possibilities not considered by others. We deliver solutions that make our clients happy. Out-of-the-box thinking and single-minded dedication are in our DNA.

Our organisation is made up of a group of regular employees and an extensive network of external communication professionals. For each assignment, we assemble the ideal team.

Our clients include multinationals and Dutch businesses, government services, sector organisations and non-profit institutions. Click here for a list of clients.

We are partner of PROI Worldwide, the longest-running partnership of public relations agencies, founded in 1970. Since then, PROI has grown to encompass 75+ partner agencies with 5,000+ PR professionals across five continents, 50 countries and 100+ cities.

What we can offer you

Crisis communication and issue management

Taking immediate control in a disaster situation and maximum mitigation of damage to your reputation are among our core skills. We can support you with strategic advice and practical backup including press releases, press conferences and coaching for your spokesperson(s). Throughout this process, our focus is on ensuring that you remain in control of your own story, and that your organisation comes across as a credible and reliable partner. Our communication support during a crisis situation is available any time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

We have also established huge expertise in the field of crisis management. We are happy to assess your existing communication procedures, and implement any necessary enhancement processes.

Media management

We highlight the newsworthy aspects of your product, brand or organisation, and bring them to the attention of the media; but not the media in general. We specifically approach those journalists interested in what you want to highlight. Since our firm was first founded, we have built up a solid network of relations in the world of the media. A number of us in fact have a background in journalism. As a result, we know how journalists think, and where their interests lie. We ensure an individual approach to each journalist and the information we supply is tailored to guarantee personal appeal.

Marketing PR

Consumer goodwill and supplier loyalty are key elements when it comes to acquiring and maintaining a solid market position. According to a carefully conceived marketing PR plan, we make your activities newsworthy. We generate a distinctive look and feel, and work on ratings to make you even more attractive for the relevant media. We also observe and listen. From your own perspective, we analyse developments in society. We chart out consumer trends and monitor influential communities and platforms. That puts us in a position to take decisive action at key moments.

Corporate communication

What is it that makes your organisation a powerful communicator? Close ties between your identity, image and reputation. A good match between ideal and reality. Corporate communication can help guarantee coherence between how you want to be seen and what the outside world actually thinks of you. We create cohesion between the messages you communicate at different levels, to the entire range of internal and external stakeholders. The goal is for your organisation to present a united front to the world and for your employees to represent your identity convincingly and consistently.

Communication campaigns

An effective communication campaign, based on a clear sense of empathy, generates enthusiasm and an active response. It creates close links between your organisation, brand or product and the target group. In essence that means understanding the people to whom you wish to reach out. What makes them tick, what touches them, what makes them happy? The campaigns we produce on behalf of our clients always start with openness and honesty with a view to guaranteeing credibility. In today’s critical consumer culture, credibility creates connections.

Communication training

Communication is an inborn human trait. However, when facing a complex work situation, not everyone is naturally a great communicator. Convincing communication is not always as easy as it seems, particularly when circumstances demand it. The good news is that communication is a skill than can be learned. For years, we have been providing media and presentation training to board members, managers, communication assistants and crisis teams. Based on our experience, there can be no doubt: everyone can achieve a substantial improvement or even excel in professional communication.

Community engagement communication

No major infrastructure or construction project can succeed without community engagement communication. Open and proactive communication with local residents and interest groups is a modern trend that involves stakeholders at an early stage, and keeps projects on schedule. It is important that all those stakeholders be brought together so that you can explain the nature of your plans, and listen carefully to what they have to say. Community engagement communication works if you take your stakeholders seriously. Today’s outspoken public expects nothing less. By communicating with them and delivering attention and explanations, you can remove concerns and reduce resistance.

Internal communication

Sufficient attention for your own staff can quickly be snowed under by the hustle and bustle of everyday practice. On the other hand, smooth internal communication can deliver a huge boost to the working atmosphere, company culture and productivity levels. Certainly when an organisation is involved in a change process, it is of vital importance that internal communication be well organised. We know how to put you in your employees’ shoes, and motivate them successfully. It is all a question of openness, understanding needs, responding seriously to signals and keeping lines of communication open. At the end of the day, this approach will deliver the best results, for everyone.


Visitors’ and correspondence address
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2011 MH Haarlem
The Netherlands


+31 (0)23 540 04 24
We are available and on call 24/7

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