Consultancy for controversial issues

We are an independent, all-round communication consultancy specialising in controversial issues. Communication concerning sensitive matters, subjects open to question, themes you can burn your fingers with, problem cases. That is our speciality.

To this end we have the most up-to-the-minute (online) knowledge in house. But, with well over thirty years’ experience, we know better than anyone else that communication is more than the issues of the day, a twitter account, or a facebook link.

  • Animal experiments: the benefit and the necessity

    How do you explain to young people why we carry out experiments on animals in the Netherlands?

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  • Henri Sijthoff prize for annual report

    NV Luchthaven Schiphol received the Henri Sijthoff prize for its Annual Report 2006 and 2011. And that was no accident.

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  • Fokker flight as Haarlem promotion

    One hundred years ago Anthony Fokker flew his self-built Spin over Haarlem. It was 31 August 1911, the Queen's Birthday.

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  • Staff involved in changes

    The financial service provider Intrum Justitia is on the eve of major organisational changes. Strategic, internal communication ensures staff commitment.

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  • Made-to-measure communication training

    Are you looking for made-to-measure communication training? Then you have come to the right address at De Trainingstudio.

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  • How to communicate about SRE

    Many businesses are confronted with the question: what do you actually do in terms of SRE?

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  • Chopper crash or man overboard? Centrica is prepared

    If something goes wrong on a drilling platform at sea, the consequences are often serious. Offshore company Centrica Production Nederland B.V. is therefore thoroughly prepared.

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