Vitiligo News

11 july 2012

New web site for LVVP
The Landelijke Vereniging voor Vitiligo-Patiënten (LVVP) has a new web site (
Some 240, 000 people in the Netherlands suffer from a skin disorder called Vitiligo. Patients with vitiligo have milk-white patches on their skin. These are areas where the condition has caused de-pigmentation of the skin. For vitiligo patients their skin disorder is more than a cosmetic problem. They have to learn to live with it. The web site that we have made together with the association is packed with information and tips, about camouflage for example, psychosocial symptoms and organisations where people with vitiligo can get help. There is a separate, comprehensive section for young people.

Member magazine
The web site went online simultaneously with the publication of the second edition of Spotlight!, the members’ magazine. The central theme in this issue is “Sun and Summer”. Many people with vitiligo wonder whether it is safe to expose their skin to the sun. Various features address this issue. This edition once again contains frank interviews with members, articles by medical experts, interesting and informative columns and the latest news covering studies and treatments methods.