Total overhaul of Cuadrilla Resources Dutch web site

10 july 2012

Cuadrilla Resources’ totally-revised Dutch web site has gone online. The web site contains as much relevant information as possible about the company and its proposed plans in the Netherlands. Cuadrilla also offers parties who critically follow the developments space on the web site. And the government’s standpoint and the analyses of independent research centres and engineering firms have been made accessible.

This is all connected with openness. That is Cuadrilla’s aspiration. Openness about its intentions to carry out exploratory drilling for shale gas in Brabant and the Noordoostpolder. The company believes it is important that everyone has an accurate view of the possible risks of the exploratory drilling activities and the advantages of shale gas. This applies especially for the people living at the intended drilling locations.

The summary of the FAQs (frequently asked questions) forms an important part of the new web site. Anyone with a question who cannot find the answer on the web site itself can send Cuadrilla an e-mail. This will be answered as quickly as possible.